Relieving aches and pains, helping postural imbalances, injury rehab and allowing you to have confidence in what you do. 

Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Manipulation of soft tissue helping relieve tension, affect fluid dynamics and works with connective tissue to give an all round benefit for people participating in exercise or sport regularly. 

Posture and Muscle Imbalance

Through posture checks we can determine where imbalnaces may be occurring and use sports massage to help correct these. 

Pre- and Post-Competition

Sports massage can be used in preparation for competition, whether it’s just a 5k fun run or a competitive match. It can help muscles perform more effectively and prevent injury. Post-competition or activity massage can help relieve tired, achey and stiff muscles.

Support for Injuries

Whether it’s an injury sustained on the playing field or pain in your lower back from a poor posture, sports massage can help alleviate pain and other symptoms as well as speed up recovery.

Taping and Strapping

Kinesiology Taping is becoming increasingly popular. K Tape affects connective tissue in turn affecting muscles therefore can provide you with the confidence you need with an affected area.

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